• Safe operation method of excavator

    1. When the excavator needs to move, the boom and bucket rotation arrangement should be in the braking direction and fixed by insurance. Check and lubricate the walking arrangement every 500~1000m.2.


  • What are the wrong operations of the excavator parts?

      挖友们作业时的过错操作可导致挖掘机配件的磨损加剧,严峻时可影响挖掘机的使用寿命。养成杰出的操作习气不仅对各部件有优点,还能进步作业效率。下面来看几种过错的操作方法,希望引起大家注意。  1、移动大型物体需谨慎  这是一种常见的误操作。常常会有这种情况发作,有大型石块等障碍物需求清除,挖掘机驾驶员为省劲直接借助挖掘机行走时的牵引力来移动大型障碍物。大家都知道,力的作用是相互的,挖掘机配件如销轴、


  • What should I pay attention to when importing excavator gear accessories?

    1. Examine the excavator gear accessories in the list, whether it touches the products of special documents, touch the products of 3c, some products can handle the 3c catalogue, touch the o-certificat


  • Excavator parts hydraulic pump does not attract oil

    The hydraulic pump is one of the many excavator parts. It is the primary source of power for the excavator to excavate the material. Therefore, whether it is in good condition will directly affect the


  • Causes damage to the guide wheel of the excavator gear accessory

    On the excavator, the guide wheel also plays an important role. It can reduce the impact of the walking process, prevent the rail chain from derailing, and what are the reasons for the damage of the g


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