What are the wrong operations of the excavator parts?

2019-08-15 16:45:59

The faulty operation of the digging friends can lead to increased wear of the excavator parts, which can affect the service life of the excavator when severe. Developing outstanding operational habits not only has advantages for each component, but also improves work efficiency. Let's look at a few faulty methods of operation, and I hope to draw your attention.

1. Be careful when moving large objects

This is a common misuse. This kind of situation often occurs, and the obstacles such as large stones are cleared. The excavator driver moves the large obstacles directly by the traction force when the excavator is walking. As we all know, the role of force is mutual. Excavator parts such as pins, frames, buckets, etc. will have a greater force on them to affect the service life of these components.


2. Uneven load on the track

In this simple operation, when the excavator is extended to the ground at a high position, the rear portion of the crawler may be floated and suspended. In this case, the total force of the pressure and the weight of the vehicle almost acts on the margins of each pin of the excavator fitting and the bucket. Therefore, it is very simple to form a crack of the working device. If it causes the crawler to fall, it will also have a large impact on the tail of the excavator of the counterweight, and it is very likely that the main frame will be deformed and the slewing bearing ring will be damaged.

3, hydraulic excavator parts often operate to a larger stroke

This misoperation behavior works when the hydraulic cylinder of the excavator fitting is extended to the extreme position. In this case, the working cylinder and the frame load are large, and the impact of the teeth and the impact of each of the shaft pins may cause damage to the inside of the cylinder, and this may affect the normal use of other hydraulic components.

4, the excavator's center of gravity imbalance

The driver starts the operation when the ground surface is uneven and the excavator is not placed smoothly. This kind of behavior may be felt by the driver, but in this way, it will form a part of the excavator frame and other parts of the distortion. If the work is repeated for a long period of time under such conditions, the frame part of the excavator fitting is likely to crack and reduce the service life. If this happens, what should I do? When the terrain structure is not working well, a mound can be piled up in front of the track of the excavator, so that the excavator is in a stable state, so that normal operation can be performed.

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